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Centium's research databases can be used at the department-level at large corporations. Different department's can use different database products simultaneously or together under a defined service package. Corporations can mix and match different research databases together, purchase individually, or as a group together. For instance, a company's marketing department can purchase our Prime Market database while the legal department can purchase the U.S. Law Reporter database , while the Tax department could purchase the U.S. Tax Reporter product.


These databases can also be developed with custom applications and interchanged with information -- even from different departments.


Users within your department can purchases an integrated package together from our three primary databases which are interoperable with each other. You can easily exchange, cull, and access different content together to create all types of documents from internal reports, proposals, investment advice, newsletters, etc.


You control the number of users that have access to our databases based on the number of licenses you purchase. As your department expands, you can easily add more users without signing additional contracts and licenses.


















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