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Centium, Inc. Privacy Statement

Your Privacy is Important to Us.

Centium, Inc., guarantees the privacy of personal information from all visitors of this web site. You should fully understand the information we collect and gather to make better information. This policy statement outlines information on how we gather, collect , and process information.

Centium, Inc. gathers information about users through e-mail and voluntary registration , if applicable. The company also gathers information from web site tracking software programs. The latter data does not identify specific users but does offer information from a specific geographic area, type of browser program, and time of day during the access of our web site. This type of information assists our personnel in redirecting messages and other communication to appropriate personnel. Centium, Inc. DOES NOT divulge any information about any visitor to a third party .

Centium may store visitor questions and inquiries through electronic mail. This information is used exclusively for internal company purposes ONLY. This information may be used for investigative purposes to outside official agencies.















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