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Financial Service companies primarily serve consumers and institutional markets. These companies have a need for a great deal of information with regards to industries, markets, and economies from around the world to make top level decisions about how to allocate their capital to achieve the highest return on their capital.

Hedge Funds.

Hedge funds are responsible for managing large amounts of investment dollars for their clients. As a result, they have a vast need for high-level, high quality information to make important investment decisions.

Hedge fund firms can take maximum advantage of our U.S. Business Reporter™ World Edition which spotlights business and economic activity from around the world on a continuous basis. This research database delivers timely information on a wide variety of business events and opportunities and packages this statistical information into a database that can be easily accessible to hedge fund firms.

Insurance Companies.

Insurance companies have responsibilites in managing significant bond holdings to meet their obligations to insurance holders. With a subscription to U.S. Business Reporter™ World Edition, insurance companies can easily monitor business and economic events around the globe and make effective investment decisions in allocating their financial assets. In addition, our Finex Professional™ product allows insurance companies to monitor the risk of bond investments more effectively and make better credit analysis decisions with respect to their bond holdings without adding multiple people to their staff levels.

Investment Banking.

Investment banking offers a wide application for our products. Investment banking firms can use one of our Centium Bookcase™ product packages which includes business, legal, and tax together to perform various types of business, legal , and tax research. These three products are interoperable and seemlessly integrated to work together to make each firm much more productive than if each database were purchased separately.

Investment banking fims can also effectively use our Finex Professional™ to gauge important credit risk analysis from thousands of debt issuers throughout the world with a single click of a button. Users can easily run various different queries to develop a portfolio of bond assets to make better decisions to buy or sell. Whether an investment bank is a buyer or seller of debt instruments, this is an extremely effective tool to reduce staff levels and outsource credit analysis and credit risk functions to us.















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