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Centium is an intellectual property company that integrates the technical and creative world of publishing, media, computer software, databases, and algorithms with a focus on delivering highly valued proprietary information within an ecosystem of various digital platforms for knowledge workers and professional customer groups.

Centium, Inc. is engaged in providing professionals with high-level, proprietary electronic databases in business, legal, tax, marketing, medical, and science and technology end user products in North America and throughout the world. Our products serve a wide and diverse number of professionals such as financial analysts, securities analysts, investment bankers, tax accountants, attorneys, paralegals, market planners, market researchers, physicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more.

Centium, Inc. was founded in 1994 in the Silicon Valley, just south of the San Francisco bay area.The company originally focused on developing application software for the mass market. However, the company later changed its focus to developing high-end, electronic database content for public, academic, corporate, and special libraries.

Today, Centium is highly focused on a number of diverse projects is specialized application software, electronic databases and mobility application projects to serve both consumers and business users. These projects when commercialized will set new standards in the marketplace for developing innovative and creative solutions for eveyday needs.
















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