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Centium, Inc. and our customers and suppliers form a global coalition of companies that are making a positive impact on the social, economic, political, and ecological environment in which we live in today. We and you are encouraged to help improve societies well-being by reducing our own company's environmental impact.

Our digitally-centric products have reduced the number of trees cut to manufacture and publish documents, manuscripts, magazines, newspapers, books , and other printed products. A digital platform helps save the trees of the earth from depletion of our forests.

Reducing our carbon emissions from the destruction of our environment through reduced needs for printed and published products helps to limited the impact of carbons in the air. We are a part of the community that's responsible for saving the equivalent of 19.5 million gallons of gasoline in 2019.

Our daily carbon savings allows users to sit at a desk and access digital content without having to visit a library. Through remote-access this saves users not only time but gasoline and mileage from visiting libraries and information centers to access materials. This also saves the earth's precious fossil fuel usage while reducing the carbon footprint.

Our operations are efficient and we will continue working with outside publics to maintain our operations through environmentally-friendly policies and practices.











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