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Centium serves some of the largest and most successful financial service companies on Wall Street. Our high level products have set an new standard in research by securities firms. The U.S. Business Reporter (Corporate Edition) is a high -end database that gives financial service companies access to highly sought after proprietary research delivered into a single web platform. Financial service companies are able to leverage their research by outsourcing much of their needs without adding to additional staff.

Our U.S. Business Reporter product saves our financial service clients money without adding additional staff. Outsourcing a portion of their research allows them to concentrate on their business without spending additional precious time of researching, compiling, and gathering information.

Centium products are very adaptable to the customers natural needs. A large company can choose subscription for a single or multiple department , company wide for hundreds of users, or for a single user. We have a wide variety of sevice packages specifically for corporate usage.


Key Products for Large Enterprises:
U.S. Business Reporter -Corporate Edition
U.S. Business Reporter -Global Edition
U.S. Tax Reporter
U.S. Law Reporter
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