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Centium serves small businesses with a host of products and services that can be delivered to a single desktop for individual usage.

Many of our small business customers are heavily interested in better understanding their market and customers. Our solution Prime Market Pay-Per-View (PPV) system which customizes and configures market research reports for a defined geographical area where a small business is located. Our PPV gives important and credable demographic information, sales data, market power statistics, income levels, competitor information that can be used by a small business to make better and more informed marketing decisions.

Small business customers can also use our U.S. Business Reporter product to gain valuable insight on different industries, statistical information, retail statistics, restaurant statstics to refine strategies and benchmark their businesses with their peer group.

Key Products for Small Businesses:
U.S. Business Reporter
U.S. Tax Reporter
Prime Market PPV
USBR Research Store














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